idk what i’m doing anymore

too deadpool-esque??

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Hello, Karla. Did you miss me?

"If by ‘miss’ you mean: I thought you were dead. Then yes, you were missed.

  I take it you didn’t return to serve out the rest of your prison term. Back to the same old Stealing from Stark tricks?”

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You there… (⌐■_■) (FREEZE! You are under arrest for being so nice and cute.) Copy this message to 10 other beautiful blogs who you think deserve this message! Keep the game going and make everyone feel beautiful ♥
may be an Agent

// Oh shut up Karkar.Don’t be a hater.

SophieMun is nice and cute and stuff.

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karlasofen replied to your post “Psst…”


You passed the quiz! High-five!! ♥♥

I paired her with Zemo just be an ass.



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NOVEMBER BOTM: arrowsandsnark

Clint Barton/Hawkeye 

Marvel Universe, Main/Comic book verse

This is an amazing Clint Barton RPer, and my brother from across the ocean. I love and adore him, and his Clint Barton is absolutely SPOT-ON the Comics!

If you love sass, Arrows, and 100% Ridiculousness, you really need to follow this guy.

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Here's a $5 GC to Adagio Teas: 4421599637. Good for 24 hours.


If anyone has an account and wants 10 points. I’m making another gift order, and you can send me a gift certificate to my email.

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Who doesn’t want tea this coming season?

What you can get:

Any of these tea pots!!! Includes the 2 cups too. WOW!! Just pick a color ok!

Any fandom sampler!! Just pick one OR Any 3 blends! You know, in case you don’t want any fandom samplers.

The total worth is like over $60 but you’ll be getting all this mess for free!


  1. 1 reblog, likes don’t count.
  2. You don’t have to follow buuuut followers will win some bonuses and have 3 extra entries, just saying.
  3. Nooooo giveaway blogs
  4. This ends on December 6th, and this will arrive to you before Christmas!!
  5. Because shipping to other countries at adagio will cost me an arm and a leg, this giveaway is for people living in the lower US only, sorry!
  6. Be prepared to give me an address and have your ask open, ok?

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an ask!

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Here's a $5 GC to Adagio Teas: 4421599637. Good for 24 hours.

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she’s making us vodkaffles for breakfast

Actual Karla Sofen

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karla what are your secret wishes :|

steve, i do not know what you speak of. >.>

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